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EczCare AD+ Ultra Anti-Scratching Cream - Limited-time Offer

Brand Origin

Elpis founder James possesses over 20 years
of expertise in skincare research and development. 

His passion stems from his son's experience with atopic skin.


When his son endured prolonged discomfort
due to his unique skin condition, James personally formulated
a mixture of actives to alleviate his itchiness. 

After a month of use, his son's skin showed
significant improvement, with minimal recurrence. 


This experience inspired James
to embark on the entrepreneurial journey of Elpis.


Brand Spirit

To help more people like his son, James established Elpis. 

Elpis symbolizes hope, aspiring to bring a glimmer of dawn to  compromised skins, aiming to restore confidence from challenging emotions, and return to a life of beautiful well-being.


"Restore Compromised Skin, Rediscover the Glow of Confidence."